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Social Media Engagement Marketing Tool

Uhh,,, More and More useful tool coming to be free of charge in the world.

Almost, everything seems free of charge by cloud basis environment.

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New JV, rival for NETFLIX

Verizon and Coinstar’s Redbox Form Joint Venture to Create New Consumer Choice for Video Entertainment



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Low Battery Battle seems Started !!


Another Lower Battery Battle seems just started .


Intel’s Medfield chip, Qualcomm and others either.


See how it goes !



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Learn about the global telco with CM

Enjoy the world wide telco operator atmosphere by their CM.


Its from NAWRAS、Omani operator owned by Qtel International.


Their 2007 Market entry with TDC was quite challenging but successful.


Lots of leanings from their case.


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The NEW MVNO generation may occurred with the case from UK

Last month, British MNO(Mobile Netowkr Operator),Everything Everywhere have opened the notice that they will launch new MVNO with China Mobile.


Regarding MVNO business model, we could see another generation today and newly innovative scheme may will be emerged globally.

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